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...why for the courageous? 

Because daring to Live To Love Everyday, regardless of life’s ups and downs, takes guts.

It's for you that are always looking up and now aiming higher. 

For you who understand what is currently limiting you isn’t what is defining you.

For you who wants to learn new skills and try new experiences so that you can be inspired to maximise your potential and your life.

For you who wants to be more of you.

In a way that works for you, in your space, at your pace.


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Learn new life skills

You know, the ones that you never got taught at school. And the exams are all in life.Learn at your own pace and space, practice and share your findings if you want.

Give yourself regular "aha!" moments

We have online courses, real-life workshops and conference calls, all to help you get new ideas and open up to what could be possible.

Try new experiences

We both create and curate events, and provide you with information, invites and special deals so that you can see what may be eye-catching for you. It's "oooh, that's interesting"that we're going for.

It ranges from a movie nights to going to Tahiti for a retreat, from a learning how to set up your own business to hearing from published book authors to learning flow from Tai Chi masters to belly dancing...and that was just in the first quarter of the year.

Meet new people

Meeting people and seeing what others have done provides a great source of inspiration. Especially the ones that are outside your normal network of friends and family.

Having the "wow" moments, when you realise that you can do that too, is priceless.

We interview, curate content and create online and real-life get-togethers.

Our offers

Individual online courses and programmes

Online courses and programmes (individually priced):

Set your goals and achieve them

Challenge: 5 Ways to Love Yourself More

Become more confident

Growing your Gratitude Attitude 

Spring clean your house and mind (coming soon)

Vision board project (coming soon)

and more.


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Per Year

  • Instant access to our Online Members portal – you will be able to access this anywhere, anytime from your laptop or your smart phone.
  • Online courses and programmes that teaches you awesome life skills (the ones not taught at school), so you can learn and practice at your own pace. You will also have access to new releases during the membership term. 
  • Monthly email newsletter with curated content that will expand your views and see what could inspire you to want or do.
  • Invites to interesting events (fulfilling the “uplift” criterias), so that you can expand your views.
  • A book review a month with summary and actionable points, saving you time and money
  • Access to competition, giveaways and challenges, because it’s fun 
  • Access to our private FB group, so that you can interact with people that want the same things in life as you
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Builders Membership


Per Month (min 6 months)

  • Everything included in the Base membership PLUS...
  • A tailored programme for you to create new optimised habits
  • Accountability through monthly group progress reviews
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Helen's story

What opened up for her since she enrolled in Live To Love Everyday?

Pamela's story

What’s her experience so far of Live To Love Everyday?

Laila's story

What’s the Founder’s story?

Su-Mae's story

How did Live To Love Everyday helped her confidence?

"Just want to say a massive thank you for all you have done. It has been the most satisfying couple of weeks of my life. I have learnt so much not only about myself but also about the people I work with and the person I work for.

I truly enjoyed every minute of our sessions and training and hopefully we will be able to implement everything you have taught into our practice. We all want to become a better person and with your guidance I believe we will get there.

I will definitely recommend you and your practice to anyone as you do KNOW what you are doing."


"I embarked on a journey with Laila a few months ago. As a busy mum of two year old twins, I felt I was struggling with being a good mum, wife and working. I felt I was loosing my identity and I was becoming deeply unhappy.

I noticed changes within a few days, making simple changes to my lifestyle and way of thinking. Opening my mindset and allowing myself to feel empowered, lifted and worthy.

It has been an amazing journey and it has only just begun. I’m looking forward to what the future holds and how I can continue to improve myself."


"I wasn't to sure what joining would bring me, but within 3 months, I have started my book, finished the first chapter, networked with other budding authors and publishers. Joining the community got me out of my comfort zone and taught me new skills relevant to what I want to achieve and I now understand how this could really come true."


"I have for the past 5 years (since leaving London and a very demanding job) been enjoying the “ good life” and making my own cakes/breads /jams etc.. but Laila actually inspired me to go into the cake decoration/selling side.

Through my conversations with Laila, I started to think I can start selling what I produce and enjoy it at the same time! I started to look for courses and looking at acquiring my food certification so that I can start selling my food to the public. I am very excited about it and thank you Laila for the inspiration!"


"By joining Live To Love Everyday, I get inspired in life and business. I have received structure and plans that helps me get clearer on what to focus on so I can become more deliberate in my life - and enjoy it even more."



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