Premium Membership

With the Premium Membership, as well as the normal access to the community and the free tools, you will now have access to the premium course content.

You will gain access to the courses we release on a monthly basis. These courses are normally part of a wider programme, that would normally cost between £497 and £97, however will be released as a standalone module for you at a heavily discounted price. 

There are two payment options - you can either pay a reoccurring fee of £9 per month (with a set up fee of £20) or the year in advance. 


As welcome pack, you will receive 3 courses that will cover the first three months:

  • The key to a fuller life
  • Learning is Living
  • Master your mindset

After the third month you will receive one course a month. The current release schedule is:

  • Change your perception of time
  • How you can allow yourself to succeed
  • The habit to focus
  • Making friends with your feelings
  • Tap into the feelings
  • Improving your self-belief
  • Making an impact
  • Stop beating yourself up
  • How to build your habits

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